Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for the Whole Family

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for the toddler section during any holiday. I have to actively avoid the matching family pajamas and convince myself over and over that the kids don’t need four different outfits for one day. This year I am being good, reminding myself it is only one day, and have finally done it! Each kid has one outfit on the way from the almighty Target, and I even managed to get a cute Valentines Date Night outfit and a pair of earrings for myself. All for only $70, which I had in target gift cards from over the holidays. Win-win!

Here is what I ordered:

Okay, Addie got two outfits but only because I do not have many dresses for her. And the girl loves some pretty-princess dresses!

I am also really excited to get the dress in, it has been some time since I bought myself a cute date night outfit and Valentines day seemed like a pretty great excuse! And as always, this little splurge didn’t totally blow our budget.

When I get it all in I’ll head over to my instagram stories to share the fit of the dress, and I’m sure there will be a Happy Valentines day post so make sure you’re following along!

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