Toddler Gift Guide: Arts & Crafts!

As this is my first gift guide I’m going to start by being frank: I hate buying gifts. Three years ago I thought it was going to be super easy to shop for our kids Christmas gifts, NOPE! There is a fine line between spoiling them rotten and not going crazy under a mountain of toys, and I have yet to master it. BUT, I have spent a lot of time on this Toddler Gift Guide, because I wanted to be intentional about Christmas gifts this year.

Originally, I was going to do one BIG gift guide for toddlers but man, the list of things that I said “omg they would love that!” just got too long for one post. So, the toddler gift guide is going to be broken up into 3-4 different posts. Make sure you check back for the next ones to come, I will also come back and link them here so you can click around.

Hopefully, through these gift guides you are able to grab a new idea that you hadn’t thought of for your littles or someone elses!

Disclaimer: Throughout this post there are many affiliate links. If you click on one of these links, and then make a purchase, I receive a small commission-at no expense to you! If you do make a purchase through one of my links I just want to say THANK YOU, it truly means the world to me and to this blog as my side hustle venture!

Arts + Crafts

We love arts and crafts in our house, but this mama gets stressed out at the thought of mess. So, we really only just started using anything more than crayons. Luckily, it’s 2021 and there are a TON of arts and crafts supplies to help minimize the mess, or keep things totally mess free. And that is where this gift guide comes from.

From paint smocks, to spill-free paint cups, I have put together a great list of supplies to get your arts+crafts haul started. It is all toddler friendly and can be found on Amazon, or stores like Target, Walmart or any local craft stores usually!

To start, the items we already have and LOVE.

Arts and Crafts we LOVE

Playdough was our FIRST venture into arts and crafts. It stressed me out at first because the playdough goes into someone’s mouth, no matter what. Isaac just recently stopped putting it in his mouth, so just make sure whatever you have is non-toxic. Isaac got a little construction playdough set for his second birthday, and still uses it every time we pull playdough out. Its a really great sensory toy, and its a good tool for making and practicing shapes!

Dot Paints: my mother-in-law got these for Isaac forever ago and we LOVE LOVE LOVE these little paints. They are perfect for younger toddlers so that paint isn’t spilling all over your house, but can still be fun as they get older. It is NOT totally mess free, Adelaide decided to paint her entire hand with these just the other day, but it keeps everything contained.

For painting we have two different pads of craft paper, this big sheet set and a smaller one.

Another great item is an Easel. We have one that has a dry erase board on one side, and a chalk board on the other side. We currently have this in our unfinished basement and I let the kids go AT it when we go down there. One day, I hope to use the paper roll attachment and let them paint….but I don’t know when that day is actually going to come

Moon Sand! My kids are absolutely obsessed with all things sand. When we got the moon sand I thought it was going to be perfect for the colder months when the sand box outside just wasn’t doable. I should have known, sand is just MESSY so don’t say I didn’t warn you. HOWEVER it is less messy that normal sand, and I would honestly say it is easier to clean up. I let them play on our tiled kitchen floor, and it is great practice for keeping the sand in the box.

On our Wishlist

As I “shopped” for this gift guide, and for our kids Christmas presents this year I was looking for things that were going to help contain messes. I know that I want to keep mess to a minimum so I assume any other mom of toddlers wants the same, even while we let them play with different textures, colors and their own expression.

I am a HUGE fan of arts and I think every kid should be able to color, paint and play with different materials.

Because our kiddos are still young (3 and 1.5) we are currently sticking with the basics and building our craft “room” (its a corner). That is where this piece of the Arts and Crafts gift guide comes from. Click on through and checkout some of the awesome items I found/included!

I hope that this gift guide gave you a few awesome ideas for your little ones this Christmas. If nothing else, Arts and Craft time gives them something to focus on for twenty minutes (at most) without running circles around you, mama!

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