The Most Honest Gift Guide for Teens You’ll See This Holiday Season

Teenagers are the hardest demographic to shop for out of ALL of them. And yes, I think they are harder than husbands. Toddlers are easy because you can literally give them a box and they’ll have a blast and a half. Teenagers have very different tastes and they change on a whim. During those high school years kids are trying to figure out who they are. What they like. They are influenced by everything and everyone. And, let’s face it, too many teenagers already have everything they could ever want.

This is actually why I stopped doing gifts for all of my siblings, it’s just too hard to find a meaningful gift that they really want or need. We started doing a Secret Santa instead and that has been a lot of fun for all of us!

Even though they’re difficult. There is still gifts to figure out and buy. SO, I asked my four youngest siblings what they want for Christmas.

Before I get into that here is a little bit about my younger siblings. The age range is 12-17. The 17 year old is my little sister, the rest are boys. They all play sport, or two, the boys love video games like Fortnight, ROBLOX, and Minecraft. They are all as sarcastic as they come and a little bit weird, which I take partial responsibility for. I could go on and on with a list of a million ideas and a million affiliate links BUT…we’re not doing that today. Okay, onto the gifts they asked for:

From the Teens for the Teens

There was one thing all of my siblings asked for, from the 12 year old up to the seventeen year old. Airpods. If you have a teenager and you aren’t sure what they want, that’s it. Now, my siblings did not specify if they needed the regular Airpods, the Pro version, or the newest generation. I would probably go with the first generation of the pro’s myself but that is me. Also, my best friend Jacki has the Bose Bluetooth Ear pods, and she loves them.

Next up…actually let me just show you this conversation:

So there you go, into the head of teenagers.

Here’s what I got out of this interaction with my teenage siblings: get them a gift card. While they will gladly accept money of any kind they would rather you not shop for them. If you are buying a gift for a teenager that isn’t yours, go with a gift card. Sure it’s not as fun to open, but they will enjoy spending it!

My advice for your teenager? Get them the essentials that they no doubt need refilled. Toothbrushes. Toothpaste. Deodorant. A bath gel from Bath and Body works. Hair ties. New cologne. A gift card for their console game or to go out to eat with friends. If I had a teenager in my house I would be planning on one “big” gift that they have been wanting. The new console, the Airpods, and then filling in with little things they need restocked.

This is always a great time of year to fill in things that they have grown out. Jeans looking a little short on your teenage boy that shot up over the summer? Your daughter’s boots from last year are just barely fitting? Take stock of that kind of stuff and see about replacing overused items.

And finally, don’t feel like you need to go above and beyond for you teens anymore. Let’s face it, the “Magic” of Christmas morning has probably disappeared. I tried telling my mom this years and years ago. She was still getting me so much stuff for Christmas so that I was included in the magic of Santa but it honestly made me feel so guilty. And when grandparents sent clothes, I was appreciative don’t get me wrong, but I would hold onto clothes I was barely going to wear just because it was a gift.

This is why I say GIFT CARD.

Gift Card Ideas

More than anything, I would start trying to come up with new family traditions for the day. Maybe you start a competitive game to play as a family, winner gets a $100 gas card. Or book a cabin for a quick winter break family vacation. Think about adding experience gifts that you can do as a family.

Now I know this was the most unhelpful gift guide of all time. I have been looking into brands that I know teens flock to and have been/will continue sharing items I find that your teen/young adult would be interested in. Make sure you are following me on LiketoKnowIt for those updates if you REALLY want to wrap something.

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