The First Two Months With a Newborn

I don’t know how it has already been two months since Eleanor was born! Everyone says this, and I have now said it three times, but I barely remember when she wasn’t here. That’s kind of how it goes with a newborn. You adjust pretty quickly because you have to! There is no returns or exchanges so you make do with whatever you have got and the gifts you’ve been given. So, what has two months with our third newborn looked like?

In a word…chaos.

We now have two toddlers alongside this newborn and man, has that changed the game.

When Adelaide was born, Isaac was only 18 months old. Though he toddled around, we were still well versed in the baby game and schedule. We took daily naps and we didn’t have multiple places to be every day of the week. Life was slow back then.

Now, we have a five year old and three year old along with our newborn and that puts a real spin on things. Our calendar has quickly filled up between school, sports and social events. I really wish I had taken a photo of our October calendar because I still can’t believe how damn busy we were!

The kids started school only 6 days after Eleanor was born. Thankfully, I thought ahead last spring when I registered them for preschool, and they only go 3 days instead of all 5. Another blessing? Ben got 8 whole weeks of paternity leave. This was a huge help in tackling the craziness of back to school and the rest of the fall season.

The basics of how we have navigated the last two months are simple: I was on baby duty while Ben tackled all things toddlers. While I was getting as much rest as I could between feedings, he kept the bigger kids entertained and made sure they stayed on top of things with school. I swear, every Friday has been a “dress like a ” day.

On top of school, the kids started their extracurricular activities around the same time. Adelaide started ballet, one day a week; Isaac had his very first soccer season which meant practice on night and 1-2 games over the weekend.

Gone are the days of working my schedule around the newborn sleeping. But thankfully, this hasn’t flipped our “sleep training” tricks upside down.

Eleanor is two months old and has already had two nights of sleeping straight through! Just the other day I woke up to go to the bathroom, saw that it was 6am and she hadn’t woken up since I put her down around 8:30. She didn’t make a sound until just passed 7:30 that morning! (We can talk sleep training in another post).

Honestly, Eleanor is just such a good baby. She sleeps well, eats well and is overall just a happy girl. We are all in competition for who can make her smile the most and have even gotten a few laughs out of her. She does great with tummy time and doesn’t put up a fuss when her older siblings won’t get out of her face.

Speaking of the older siblings. I have so much pride welling up in my soul every time I see them interacting with the baby. Isaac is so dang sweet with her, constantly showering her with hundreds of kisses and muttering that “she’s just so cute!” Adelaide loves holding her and telling everyone she meets that she is a big sister to baby Eleanor. They both run to her aid if she is crying and I am preoccupied, bending down to where she can see them and singing the ABCs to her on a daily basis.

Like I said…pure pride.

Now, Ben is back to work and we have fallen into a routine of splitting up responsibilities. I get the kids breakfast and dressed while Ben gets ready for work, and he handles school pickup on his way to the office. We work together to clean up the house after we get the kids into bed and try to squeeze in some time for just us.

Truthfully, I don’t feel like having three kids is any harder than two. It is 100% different but I don’t know that I would say it is harder. We kind of just adapt and move on. I think a big part of this “confidence” is that we don’t let the new challenges get the better of us. Better said, we don’t wallow in the “hard.” Ben and I both have a we got this mentality and I think that makes everything so much easier.

Kind of like a fake it till you make it thing?

There are things that are harder, having to wake the baby up to get to school pickup on time. There are things that are easier, having a few extra set of hands to grab the burp rag. Overall, its just the new normal and really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Seriously, it makes me think crazy things like I could have 6….

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