The First Trimester with Baby Number 3

The secret is finally out, we are having number 3! This time around has been so much fun already. The kids have been involved since day one, Adelaide kisses my belly every morning and says, “good morning, baby!” Isaac asks what the baby looks like today, on a daily basis, and we look at the app together. Having them involved, and understand what it means to have a baby on the way, is not something I was even thinking about when we decided to go for it with number 3. But is so so appreciated.

As of writing this (3/1) I am 12 weeks and some change along. I had my very first ultrasound this morning and got my first glimpse at this little bean. Though it is too early to tell the gender of the baby, I got to watch this little thing bounce around my belly. The little lime size baby wouldn’t stay still and it was so freaking amazing to see. I had no idea how ACTIVE they are this early on, the tears were streaming down my face as I laughed every time the ultrasound tech tried to measure his/her heartbeat.

Other than the kids being very involved, there are a few other…differences from my last two pregnancies.

The 5 Main Differences with This Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

First and foremost, the nausea was so easy to deal with this time around. With Isaac, I was SICK the first few weeks. With Adelaide, I didn’t have much time to let myself be sick because Isaac was only a year old during that first trimester. I would feel crappy, have a snack and move on with the day. This time around, I have been nauseous maybe a handful of times but it doesn’t last. I think a part of that is that I have done this before and I know how to handle it. I was CONSTANTLY snacking from week 6-10. I did not let my stomach empty and made sure I had a FULL breakfast each and every morning. I was obsessed with bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. OBSESSED.


This is probably the biggest difference, I have been EXHAUSTED. I don’t know if its just because I was in the thick of the first trimester end of January-February, and it mixed with some seasonal blues. But mama was TIRED. My mom was a daily napper (the lady had 8 kids by the end though) but I have never had to do that. Until this little bump. There were a good two weeks, week 8-10, where I was napping with the kids daily.

I finally had to stop myself from napping daily. I would wake up at 4 PM and be even more tired than before I fell asleep. This made me not want to make dinner, or even get off the couch. I could have slept straight through the night at that point! So I stopped napping about 2/3 weeks ago. Well, I napped yesterday. But I haven’t been napping daily anymore.

On the same note, I have been in bed before 9 PM almost every night. I don’t think I’ve seen 10 PM more than twice since January 1.

My wonderful husband pointed this out one day: “Well, hun, you were 24 and 25 when you were pregnant before. Now you’re rounding on 30.”

He almost died that day.


With my other two pregnancies, I didn’t have any strong cravings. BUT DON’T TELL BEN because I definitely told him I was craving Graeter’s a few times! This time I have had ONE huge craving and it is just now easing up: sandwiches. Hot sandwiches. Like Potbelly and DiBella’s, Penn Station was also a close 3rd fav. We are working really hard on our budgeting this year, but the budget flew out the window in February. I wanted hot sandwiches and I believe I got 3 in one week.

I remember only one time with each of the other kids where I had a real craving. With Isaac, I suddenly wanted Skyline one night. I wasn’t a huge Skyline person before my pregnancy with him, now we get it monthly. Then, one night, pretty far in pregnancy with Adelaide, I suddenly had a need for a McDonald’s Coke.


So this one is different…but not. I have had issues with coffee through all of my pregnancies so far. The first trimester of my first pregnancy (Isaac) I HATED the smell of coffee. We are a whole bean with a grinder kinda family, and the smell of those beans made me instantly gag. I went cold turkey on coffee during that first trimester and never had a caffeine withdrawal issue. As soon as I hit twelve weeks, BAM, I was drinking coffee again.

With the second pregnancy, Addie, I didn’t mind the smell but the taste was awful. Again, as soon as we hit that twelve week milestone, I was back to drinking 2 cups a day. Again, cold turkey and no caffeine headaches.

This time around I didn’t have an aversion…but I didn’t want to drink it. And of course, I got headaches this time. I had to slowly ween myself off of coffee/caffeine and it was a rough few weeks from week 6-9. Now we are at 12 weeks and I don’t plan on starting up the daily coffee addiction. Getting those headaches SUCKED so I am going to try not to go back to daily coffee’s. I have gotten Starbucks twice in the last month, but that’s all I’m allowing myself right now. We’ll see how long this lasts.


As I said, I am 12 weeks now, and HOLY CRAP I already have a bump.

With Isaac, I didn’t think I really looked pregnant until I was almost 7 months along. I just looked chunky unless I made an effort to make the bump look…bumpy. With Addie, I popped around 20 weeks. This time IT’S HERE!

It popped today. Literally today. yesterday I thought it was just bloat, but little bump is apparently here to stay. Which…scares me because my lord its already big! I’ve been told that it’s normal to pop earlier with each pregnancy but I was NOT expecting this.

So anyway, that is the first trimester summed up pretty well. Check back in to see if I stay off the coffee and come hang out on Instagram for the daily stuff!

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