Simple Family (and Budget) Friendly Fall Décor Ideas

I love the Holidays, every single one of them. Christmas has always been my favorite. There was always something so magical about the season, the joy and the decorations that lit up my childhood home. I’m BIG on Christmas décor, if you can’t tell.

But this year, I’m falling in love with all things fall and Halloween. Mostly because my almost three year old is obsessed with Halloween. Ben made the mistake of bringing home a blow up Frankenstein and not hiding it, and since then Isaac has been obsessed with everything pumpkin.

Side note: I can’t wait to bring him to a fall festival, which has a whole section for itself on our fall bucket list!

But anyway, because the last few weeks have been ALLL about pumpkins and decorations, I thought I would share how we are going about decorating our new house for this season!

In The Family Room

The Family room is typically where I start with any kind of decorating. It’s our entertaining space and, in the new house, can be seen from anywhere in the house. In our Family Room I added some seasonal throw pillows, some leafy garland across our mantle and entertainment center, hung a few pieces on the wall and added a few little pumpkin knicknacks.

Throw Pillows

In here we started with some throw pillows. If you, like me, have ever wondered how people have different throw pillows for every season well I was today years old when I figured this out. PILLOW INSERTS AND COVERS.

We have an amazing friend that gave us these couches, they are for the play room eventually, we have new couches coming but they won’t get here until December 🙃

We were at our favorite store of all time, Menards, and I saw Halloween pillow covers. I screeched. Literally screeched from the excitement. Almost bought 8 but I thought that was overkill….I wanted to shop amazon anyway.

The exact ones I got from Menards I can’t Link to BUT here are my favorite from Amazon:

To go with your covers you’ll need some pillow inserts. I bought 18×18 covers, so I bought 18×18 inserts. This is honestly the perfect size, for us and our couch at least. Just be check the covers you get so you can buy the appropriate inserts. These ones from amazon are $25 for a 4 pack. I thought this was amazing because the throw pillows at stores are usually $10 and up.

The Entertainment Center + Entry Table

I found these fall leave garland strands and I just fell in love. How flipping cute is that entertainment center?

Adelaide picked out the little bird, and of course I fell for the little square wall hangings.

The Mantle

The mantle is where we had the most fun. I snagged these little pumpkins from Hobby Lobby, you can also get something similar from Amazon, and arranged them around my wall hanging. Next, Isaac and I will be making a Halloween garland to hang here, we’ll share about that later!

Odds and Ends

I have been picking up any and all fall sign/wall hangings whenever something makes me smile. I have a few around the house that just gives me a warmth whenever I pass it during the day. It just adds a little something to the entire house, instead of everything being in one room. In the kitchen I have some cute buffalo plaid and orange hand towels, and a PSL art block that I couldn’t not buy.

We are doing a Halloween Themed Costume Party for Isaac’s third birthday, by his request, so we will be stringing up fake spider webs and a few little ghosts when we get a little closer. Since we have little kids, and a dog and a cat, however, we are keeping things to a minimum for as long as we can. I can just see fake spider web pulled apart all around the house and I’m not here for it just yet.

Find Your Style

Overall, the fall décor is currently a Hodge-Podge of different things. I so wish I ran a Pinterest worthy house but we buy things that make us smile, and we don’t have a huge budget for seasonal décor. (That’s mostly true, when Christmas comes around though, Ben’s not gonna know what hit our accounts).

Here’s my advice if you want to decorate for all the season/holidays but don’t want to drop half your mortgage on it (because, btw, you shouldnt!) EITHER:

  1. Wait till the end of the season, and do a huge haul for the next year. Things will be greatly discounted and you’ll be ready next year.
  2. Buy a few things each year. If you fall in love with something, buy it this year, and then add to your “theme” little by little.

Last year was the FIRST year I bought and put out some decorations for fall. That included the hand towels in the kitchen, the pumpkin salt + pepper shaker, and one of my fall wall hangings. We built on it this year, and I’ll be hitting end of season sales after Halloween this year.

In my mine, I will have a theme in a year or two.

In reality, it’s going to be tacky tacky tacky and I am A-OKAY with that!

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