Setting Goals & A Focus Word for 2022

I couldn’t tell you a time when I actually stuck to a New Year resolution. So I’m pretty happy with the idea that those are fading away rather quickly. However, I do love the idea of having a fresh start in the new year. A fresh start for setting goals and choosing what we call a focus word for the year; my best friend actually introduced this idea to me and I have stuck with it ever since. So today we are going to talk about those goals. Maybe this will help you tack down what you want to make this year about, but let’s be honest. This is mostly about me holding myself accountable and being able to look back this time next year and compare.

So let’s do it.

Actually, before we do that can we discuss how 2021 took the last good thing from us?


RIP Betty White, we did not deserve you.

Watching The Golden Girls is now top of my goal list. And I will be watching The Proposal on a weekly basis until I am sick of it.


My Focus Word for 2022

Years ago my best friend was in a bible study group that wrote down focus words instead of New Years Resolutions. As I stated earlier, I instantly latched onto this idea. Picking a word is easier said then done, however, and I find myself always coming back to the same word.


It just WORKS for me constantly because it captures everything that is most important to me. Mainly, my relationships.

I find that it is so easy to fall into a status quo with relationships. This is how our relationship is, it works that we talk once a week and that’s all we need. But the truth is that I am always looking for more and yet I easily let it fall to the end of my priority list.

It also goes along with my “professional” life (if you can call my amateur’s blogging, photography, and writing professional). With all of these things I just do it when I do it. There is no planning, organization, goal setting or follow through in this area of my life but I desperately want there to be structure. As a stay-at-home mom I often feel like my brain is turning to mush, I am falling short in the sense of helping to provide for this family, and I see all of these other people doing something and I’m not.

I know, I know, I know, being a mom is an entire 24/7 job in and of itself. But this is where all of my mom guilt sits….but that is a post for another time.

So yes, I am taking Intentional into 2022 with me because it just WORKS. This is the focus word for our family and I will show you why as we go through our goals just below…

2022 Goals

So now you know we want to be INTENTIONAL this year (again). Based off of this word choice, for the third year in a row, we are now able to set some goals for the coming year. I have broken this up pretty simple: personal, professional, and family goals.

Personal Goals

I don’t think you can set goals without setting some kind of personal goals. And, naturally, the first and most important one is about my health. The last two years I have been rough on my body and am not at all taking care of myself the way I should. Yes, the number on the scale makes me want to cry but it is more than that. I don’t WANT to be unhealthy. It scares the crap out of me that I might have heart problems or worse later on because of my weight and I am so done feeling this way. 2022 is the year I (and ben because we are both so bad about this) pay attention and DO SOMETHING about the way we feel.

The second thing I want to do for myself is read 12 books, one a month, that fall in the “self-help” category. I actually don’t know what kind of books these are but think “Girl Wash Your Face,” self motivating books? IDK. Books like that. I am going to make (+Share) a list of the 12 books I am going to read and I am going to finish them ALL. I am an avid reader, I crush at least 50 books a year, but they are always fun fiction titles. I would like to add some more depth to my lists and that starts this year!

Aside: I will be sharing a list of the books I plan to read, and then will share my thoughts on each one throughout the year. I also try to keep up with my Goodreads if you want to come share books together there.

Professional Goals

My professional goals basically revolve around this blog and working through what I want to be when I grow up. If you know me you’ll know that my brain is all over the place. I want to go into Communications and work alongside my husband but I also want to teach high school English. I am also really interested in becoming a real estate agent but I also just want to be a NYT Bestselling author and commit all of my free time to writing my novels. So this year I am going to focus on ONE thing, and that is my writing.

This year I am going to finish my rewrite and self publish my novel. No matter what. There is always so much doubt in my head about my writing, this is not worthy swirls through my brain every time I write and it is so damn hard to get passed that hurtle. BUT I heard this interview with an author, I don’t know who or where this was, but this author basically said that the hardest thing to realize when you start writing is that nothing will ever feel good enough…but that’s what editors are for. He went on to say the best thing you can do for your writing is just to blaze through and finish, worry about fixing it later. So that is what we are going to do this year.

Another step of my intentionality with my writing revolves around this blog, so I have created a whole mini section about that. Again, for some self accountability.

Goals for the Blog

I love blogging, I truly do. Not many people read this but that is OKAY to me because I enjoy just writing stuff down. This blog is MAINLY a journal for myself, but I would love for it to be more. I would love for it to reach more people and build a community of like-minded moms who can have each others backs because I know how lonely motherhood can be. So, this year:

  • I would like to take a course of some kind about blogging. Probably an SEO course or digital marketing
  • I would like to hit 5,000 followers on Instagram
  • I would like to begin pitching to brands and maybe work a collaboration or two.
  • If I could make $5,000 out of this blog and/or Instagram I would be OVER THE MOON come this time next year

Our Family Goals

This year we have a three year old and an almost two year old and our world is slowly opening up in a big way. The last few years we have been kind of stuck. We either had a baby baby, making us not want to leave the house, or the world was shut down. So we really didn’t do much. This year that’s changing, as much as we can possibly make it.

  • This year we are going to get outside as much as we can. I saw this 1,000 hours outside challenge on Instagram and was immediately on board.
  • We are going to go on a family vacation, just the four of us, if it kills me. I don’t know when and I don’t know where yet but stay tuned.
  • We are going to get more involved in our church.
  • By the end of the year we want to have $20,000 sitting in our savings account**

**The last one we will see about, I might be updating that once I re-do our budget this coming week. BUT it stands that I want to focus more on saving, we have done a crap job at it in the last few years and that needs to change.

As I said at the beginning, we are going to be intentional this year. Intentional with the time we spend with the kids, intentional with the time we spend together, intentional in our relationships with family and friends, intentional with what we are bringing into our home and minds. And truly, I think the start of intentionality is writing down and keeping track of things as simple as goals.

Whether it is the amount of time spent outside, or the number on the scale going down. You can’t be intentional about something if you don’t know where you are going with it, so this is our starting line.

I hope you will join me this year and stick with me, I would love to help you reach your goals in whatever way I can. Whether it be as a resource or a cheerleader, I’m here!




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