Our First Baby is 3! A Reflection on Becoming a Mom & His First 3 Years

Today, my baby is three years old and I have no idea where the last three years have gone. So much has changed in the last three years. I have learned so much about myself, about being a mom, and how I envision this family growing in faith.

Three years and nine months ago, I was a twenty-four year old girl working at a bank. I had a year of marriage under my belt, a dog I loved, and a fixer upper we were working are asses off for. We were just kids, truly. We spent our evenings trying new recipes, binge watching our favorite shows, and we could leave the house in under five minutes if we wanted.

And then one morning, after two weeks of waiting on the period that would never come, I peed on a stick and everything changed.

I became a mom. We became parents. We became a family.

It is so true what they say. Becoming a mom is watching a piece of your heart walk the earth around you. You want to watch them learn and grow just as much as you want them to stay in your arms and never leave.

Now, that precious boy that made me a mom is three! THREE! He uses the potty. He goes to preschool. He tells me he is Spider-Man as he jumps off my couch after me saying “no jumping on my furniture” three times. He’s not a baby anymore but a little man with thoughts, ideas, opinions and needs.

Where has the time gone?

These days, when I tear up about how big he is getting, he comes over to hug me and reassures me with an, “It’s okay mom. Me have to get big.” Which just increases the tears and the joy.

The other day we watched the video of when we brought his little sister home, and the tears were flowing freely. He was only eighteen months old when Adelaide was born, he was a baby himself and yet he was so excited and proud to earn the title of big brother.

“My baby,” he kept saying as he looked at her, rubbed her head, tried to give her the paci, and held her for the first time.

I honestly didn’t know what pride truly felt like until that day.

My eighteen month old baby was so sweet and gentle to his new baby sister. There is no feeling in the world that compares.

Now, they are 3 and 18 months old. He still loves his sister with all his heart, but they are truly brother and sister. He tries to tell her what to do. She is stubborn as hell and can’t be told what to do. He wants to wrestle. She wants to watch Cocomelon and play with her dolls. They argue over sharing and he ‘reads’ books to her.

Becoming a mom is the best thing I have ever done or will ever do in my life. I love being a mom, even when I need to scream into a pillow. They test me on a daily patience but they also give me a reason to be better than I was yesterday.

I would like to be very clear on something, while we are here being mushy. The days go by so damn slow, but each year is going by faster than the last. I blinked and he was turning 3, asking me for a “Halloween costume party for me birthday,” and asking if he can help me cook.

I don’t really know what the next three years are going to bring outside of this family, and I don’t have the time or patience to spend wondering, but I know that this boy is going to continue to surprise me. I plan on nurturing the kindness, the focus and the clear genius that this boy shows because man, I hope he moves mountains in his life time.

I pray everyday for this boy and his future.

I pray that he is always kind and gentle. That he speaks up for those who can’t or are too afraid to.

I pray that he is never afraid to try something new, and that he tries new things until he finds what sets his soul on fire.

I pray that the teenage girl’s moms say “what about that Hovey boy, he’s always such a sweetheart” about him when he’s in high school.

I pray his work ethic never falters, that he always steps up to lend a hand and enjoys doing so.

I pray that I get an amazing, Jesus loving daughter-in-law one day.

But most of all, I pray that this boy always knows that my arms are always open for him. No matter how big he gets, or how far he travels, I’ll always be home.

Happy 3rd Birthday my smart boy, mama loves you more than you’ll ever know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hide under the covers and cry for a few days.

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