Our Countertops are Here!

Remember when I decided to paint my cabinets RIGHT before Christmas last month? Just after finishing that mini project Ben took one look at the gray and mauve laminate countertops and threatened to paint them. While I half wanted him to do it, we knew we wanted to get quartz countertops as soon as possible. We just didn’t know when exactly we’d be able to swing it.

But we figured it was worth it to look into.

We got the number of a contractor that installs countertops from Ben’s older sister. She had used this guy to install her counters last summer and said they did a great job. He came over one morning and took about twenty minutes to measure everything. That same day we took our measurement to Menards (our favorite store in the whole world) and got our quotes.

Going in, we both expected this was a piece of our kitchen renovation that was just going to have to wait. Looking online and seeing the average prices for countertops, we expected the quote to be at least $7,000. Not exactly pocket change. And of course, out of the options at Menards, my favorite was in the top tier. I did say that I would settle for my favorite in the middle tier, but I really, really didn’t want to.

So we head to Menards. Ben worked with the counter ladies while I entertained the children. I had them running in, out and around the Christmas displays for forty minutes before Ben waved us over and handed me the sheet.

The top tier, my choice for the counter, was only $4800! My jaw DROPPED. I couldn’t believe that price quote because it was so much lower than I thought the lowest tier was going to be.

We came back after talking about it and taking a look at our finances and were set to do it. We ended up taking off the quartz backsplash, because we will be adding a subway tile backsplash here in the next few months anyway, and that dropped the price to $4,200 (which was the og price of the middle tier counters I was looking at).

We ordered them that day and my excitement built every day for four weeks. Just waiting to get the confirmation that our countertops were ready.

On January 9 we got that email. We were able to schedule our install guys to come out on Jan 19 (they were off for a week due to the sickness we will not mention).

New Counter Day!

On January 19 I woke up BRIGHT and early. I took everything off of the old gross countertops and did my best to get things out of the way. I wanted the process to be as easy as possible for the counter guys. I didn’t want them tripping on a stray toy.

They arrived just shortly after 10. The kids and I hung out in the play room upstairs while they worked. I did my best not to peek during the 3 hours it took to install, I wanted to be surprised. And oh, my lord I can’t tell you the JOY I felt in my heart coming down the steps and seeing the BRIGHT white of the new counters. The entire kitchen just opened right on up in those three hours, even the smell of the epoxy they used to secure the counter couldn’t stamp on my smile.

The transformation was instant and nothing short of amazing. I am so damn happy with this counter-top, to this day I can’t believe it.

I was just cleaning off the counters after dinner tonight and I looked up at Ben and said, “I can’t believe I have quartz counter tops.” It’s a big freaking deal my friends! And even bigger because it didn’t cost half what I thought it was going to! We got brand spanking new, quartz countertops for LESS than it would have cost to get just new cabinets. I mean, WOW.

Okay, my monologue is over. Here are the befores, the durings, and the afters:

Time to Paint!

The last thing on the “must do now” list for this kitchen, PAINT.

After the counters were installed Ben had to go around and patch the walls where the old laminate “backsplash” came up. This took about two days. It could have taken one day, but we weren’t really in any kind of rush and this was right in the midst of all of us getting sick. Isn’t that always the way.

When he finished, I got right to work painting. This was a pain in the ass. Painting kitchens is 90% cutting in which is objectively the WORST freaking part of painting. I was on a step stool, climbing around my cabinets, keeping the kids from climbing the step stool. You know how it goes.

It took the whole day basically but when it was done, it was worth every back ache and then some.

We took this kitchen and completely transformed it without killing our savings for the year. If you remember, we flipped these cabinets by painting and adding new hardware. All in all, this transformation cost us under $5,000 and we are so much happier with this space than we were a month ago!

Next up for this kitchen will be picking and installing new lighting fixtures, adding my subway tile backsplash, and then we will also be replacing the floors. The floors will probably be awhile, however, because we are going to replace ALL of the floors on the first floor and we’re not ready for that just yet.

But what do you think!? Would you try painting cabinets to save some $$ that you can later turn around and spend on new countertops? We would love to know what you think of this transformation down in the comments!

Until next time,

Before & After

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