My One Week DIY Laundry Room Makeover

When we moved into this house this past summer, after a long and hope crushing house hunt, there was only one room I wasn’t over the moon about. The laundry room. Our laundry room can best be described as a galley laundry room sitting between the garage and kitchen. At first, we debated moving the laundry room into the basement and just making that entryway a mudroom. Ultimately, we knew a first floor laundry was more functional with kids in the picture.

So I got to thinking, and of course, checking ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. I instantly knew I wanted to add a board and batten coat wall, and the lavender paint color had to go. The original plan was to live with the lavender for awhile, there were more pressing DIY projects we wanted to complete (like the kitchen and basement) and I didn’t want Ben to have to divide his time.

And then November hit. I started to think, hmm, I’ve watched him do all this, and been a helping hand for a few years now. It’s really not that hard…i could do it.

So after thanksgiving, when Ben went on his week long hunting trip with his uncles and cousins, I got to work.

I measured everything out myself, did the math, made my supplies list and headed to home depot.


Step by Step

Like any other project, the first step of this was prep work. I cleared out the laundry room of all coats, shoes, baskets, laundry + cleaning items. If I could move it, it was out of there. Next up was patching holes, cleaning the walls, sanding down rough spots on the walls and vacuuming/dusting the corners on ceiling and floor. As I said, boring. BUT worth it in the end.

Once that was all done, the fun began. First, I pulled the trim piece off the wall using a putty knife and a hammer. This is pretty easy to do, you just have to be patient so you make the least mess of the wall behind that trim piece.

Next up I measured for the knew piece of baseboard trim (the 2×4), double checked and triple checked that measurement before heading downstairs and making my first cut. I did not do a miter cut here (45 angle on the cut) just cut it straight because it was going to be fitting behind the trim perpendicular to that wall. after double checking the fit of the new baseboard, I used the liquid nails to stick that trim piece on, and then went in with the Nailgun to secure.

I then repeated these steps for the top piece (a 2×3) of the board and batten wall, making sure to double check my measurements.

Next up was adding the vertical pieces, and this part was the MOST time consuming. I measured and double checked each of the 5 vertical pieces. I cannot stress this enough. Measure EACH PIECE individually. Each of my pieces were a different length, within 1/16 of each other. Sure, that is a teeny/tiny difference but it makes a world of a difference in the finish work if your pieces fit just about perfectly.

Once all of my wood was up, I went in with a primer over all the wood, and finished out with my paint.

My Mistakes

There were two mistakes I made with this project.

First: I did not space my “boards” correctly. I had the right measurements, but messed up in actually placing the center of each board. I needed ben to explain this part to me better, and now I am ready for this next time.

Second: I ended up adding another horizontal board in the middle of the wall for more hooks. At first I thought I could just add that second row of hooks on the drywall, it looked weird. So I went in after and added another “row” of the wood, primed and painted before adding the hooks.

Pictures of the Process



Finished Product!

Long story short, measure and measure three more times. And also, don’t be afraid to give this DIY home project stuff a try. I PROMISE it is easier than it looks, you just need to be patient and willing to fail. Because the good news is, it can all be fixed. Just be careful and have a plan. I did it and I know you can to!


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