Lovesac Sactional Dupe for a Quarter of the Cost!

I have had my eye on a Lovesac Sactional for about two and a half years now. I am obsessed with the modular design, removable and machine washable fabrics, and the ability to add to or change your layout. Obsessed. Those puppies are just a little too far out of our price range right now and, while I was 100% prepared to wait and save up the cash, Ben found an alternative. The best part, it is a quarter the cost of Lovesac!

Enter Home Reserve.

Ben discovered Home Reserve after listening to me passive aggressively dreaming about a Lovesac couch. The researcher he is, he started googling to see if anyone had found a good, cheaper alternative to the Lovesac. On reddit he was introduced to Home Reserve. I was skeptical at first. In my mind, the $2,500 we would spend with Home Reserve could just go into savings for my Lovesac. But, the reality is that we won’t be comfortable spending $6,000+ on the Lovesac for at least another two years.

So I started looking at the options on the website. We were excited to find that Home Reserve does a 30 Day Risk Free Trial.

[Here’s the info about the Risk Free Trial!]

Before I could commit, I measured out exactly what pieces I would want to create the sectional for the basement. Using some blue painters tape and a tape measure, I spent about three hours figuring and refiguring what my layout would be.

From there I put together my cart. For reference the layout I was planning for with Lovesac total was $8,925. My Home Reserve total was $2,501. That alone sold Ben and I, so we went ahead and ordered the Armless chair for the risk-free trial.

Ordering is simple, you select your style of couch, your fabric and then your pieces. When you order your armless chair you are automatically enrolled in the risk free trial.

You can also order swatches of their different fabrics for $1 a piece. We ordered 4 different swatches with our armless chair to see and feel.

Assembling the Armless Chair

The box with our Armless chair was delivered in 5 business days, which was way faster than we expected with all of the shipping delays. The box is shaped so it’s easy to carry and move around the house. It fits through any door easily and it wasn’t that heavy. I carried it down into the basement because Ben’s back was still hurting a bit, and I had no trouble carrying it.

Putting it together took a grand total of 35 minutes (we recorded the whole setup) and the piece went together like a 3D puzzle. The only tool needed is a Philips head screwdriver. We used a drill so that it went faster.. Ben actually got me this rechargeable screwdriver and this ratchet set. Highly recommend both, I use them on a daily basis.

We chose Retriever Sea for our fabric. I sooo want to get the chair in Retriever Bisque, but I’m going to hold off on the white couch until these rascals are older.

We were pleasantly surprised at how easy this went together. Yes, it takes some time, but it isn’t difficult. The instructions are very clear and every single piece is numbered so that you know where and which way it goes. The chair feels sturdy and I am really excited that I can take every piece of fabric off and throw it in the washing machine.

We plan on ordering the rest of the pieces we need for our section and plan on sharing all about this again! I will also give updates after 3 months, six months, and a year so stay tuned!

Risk-Free Trial Details

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