Let’s Make a Simple DIY Pumpkin Garland

The other day, I was sitting on the couch sipping my coffee and staring at our fireplace. It looks bare I thought to myself, and instantly came up with a plan to make a simple fall garland.

At first I was thinking of just doing a string of pompoms on a string, in the festive colors, but then I remembered one of my Instagram friends making little trees out of yarn last Christmas. They were so dang cute and the texture of the yarn added that extra pop my mantle was missing. So to Hobby Lobby we went.

I spent about three hours working on my Pumpkin Yarn Garland, figuring out the best way to do each one and how much yarn I really needed. Once I figured it out, it was really simple and fast to do. I probably spent 2.5 hours figuring out how best to do this garland, and less than 30 minutes actually making and putting together my final product.

It was quick but I won’t lie, it gets a little tedious. SO, pour a cup of coffee, turn on your favorite show and gather your supplies!

Supplies Needed

-Black or Brown pipe cleaners



-3 (or more) Festive Colors of yarn

-Piece of cardboard (you can also just use your hand, but the perfectionist in me needed the confirmation that they would all be the same)

I got my materials from Hobby Lobby on a whim, I recommend Amazon or Michaels. I was quite annoyed with the lack of supplies at Hobby Lobby, plus they’re more expensive. Links above are all to Amazon!

Creating the Pumpkins

As I said, this is incredibly easy to do. Anyone can do it if you have the time!

To start, you are going to take your cardboard (or your hand/four fingers) and begin wrapping your first color of yarn around the cardboard to create a little yarn ball. This is the part that took me the longest to figure out. I played around with this for awhile, figuring out how many times I needed to wrap to get a good looking pumpkin. The answer for me and my 3inx3in piece of cardboard was about 200 wraps.

Just remember that the thicker this yarn ball is you’re creating, the fuller your little pumpkins are going to be.

Once you have found your sweet spot, cut your new ball of yarn from the skein and set to the side. Next, cut another piece of yarn, 6-8″ long give or take depending on the size of your ball of yarn.

The next step is where you are going to take your time again, and be patient. Carefully remove your ball of yarn from the cardboard. Take your time here, you want the ball to stay tight so that your pumpkin looks tidy at the end.

Once removed from the cardboard, place the ball of yarn on the piece of yarn you cut above, parallel to each other. You are going to tie the extra piece of yarn around your ball of yarn to create the pumpkin shape. This needs to be TIGHT. As tight as you can possibly make it, this keeps the pumpkin together and forms the shape. Pull tight and then secure with a good knot or two, or three if you’re like me.

Attach The Stem

To create the pumpkins stem, cut your pipe cleaner into fourths. I did this by folding in half, cutting, and then folding both pieces in half again. Place the pipe cleaner on top of the knot you created, and then tie a knot or two again to secure.

Pull your “stem” up and then twist once or twice to make it look like one piece. This is what you will use to hook each pumpkin onto the twine, thus creating the garland.

Create the Garland

Hook the pipe cleaner over the twine, twist to secure and Voila!

Repeat these steps to create a bunch of pumpkins of various colors to string together.

I actually created a bunch of my “bigger” pumpkins with the 3×3 cardboard, then I cut that in half to make smaller pumpkins to add more excitement to my garland.

As I said, play around and find what works best for you and your space!

Here are some “I’m proud of this” pictures of my finished product.

If you create one of these little babies, share a picture with me over on Instagram! I’d love to connect and see what colors you went for!

Until next time,

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