Kitchen Organization Item’s I’m Loving

We decided to paint our outdated kitchen cabinets over the winter and I absolutely loved how they turned out. However, there was one down side: the builder grade cabinets are not the best for organizing kitchen items. So for the last few months I have been slowly working on organizing my kitchen with after market additions to the cabinetry.

I love an organized space and am constantly thinking of how I can streamline my things. Especially things/spaces that I use so dang much, i.e. the kitchen. However, I will not pretend I’m a pro. I have been working on things slowly and I am constantly making things better as I try out different ideas. I’m the queen of “what if this was over there instead?” and it drives my husband crazy. (don’t worry he’ll live).

Organizing the Cookware

Pots and Pans are the bane of my existence. No, that’s not true. THE LIDS are the worst thing freaking ever. I have always had them just piled up, Russian Nesting Doll style. Every time I go to grab a pan, the rage flares up very suddenly and then dissipates. Don’t even get me started when one gets stuck. So I’ve been working on this for awhile now and here is where I landed, the gadgets I am using:

The first thing I found was this bakeware rack. I am storing all of my cutting boards, cookie sheets and grill racks currently.

Next up, I went to Meijer to buy a new bottle brush and stumbled upon these lid holders. Best part is that these were a no tools necessary installation. I got them up in about six minutes total, I even took the extra step and used my mini level. Oh yeah, I was on it.

Next up was bringing some order to the madness that is a pot and pan set (this is the one we have!). I went back and forth a few times, not really sure what method was going to be the best. I end up buying this stackable organizer on Prime Day. I really wanted to be able to fit everything in this 15″ cabinet, but the organizer isn’t quite tall enough. I ended up getting all of our pans, the sauce pan, skillet and my 1 quart pot. The 2 and 4 quart pot, steamer basket, and 5 quart Dutch oven are in the drawer under the stove. I found this expandable one that I might be replacing this one with later on, but we will see. I might want this heavy duty one for my cast iron instead.

Miscellaneous Finds

The other big thing I wanted to accomplish was getting rid of the trash can next to the counter. I kept looking for different options hiding it in the cabinets. I would have loved to do something with a pullout attached to the cabinet door, but we didn’t have any cabinet that was the right size. I ended up getting this bottom mount pullout trash can. This one was easy to install, is damn secure and has space for 2 cans. We have a trash bin and a recycle. BIG UPGRADE for our kitchen.

Next up was organizing under the sink. We have a double sink, with a garbage disposal on one side. This two tiered pull out shelf helped add soooo much more space for all of the odds and ends that end up under the sink.

As a little bonus, I freaking love this water bottle organizer. It helped me first declutter all of our water bottles, now we each have 3 to pick from and our own little space on the organizers. I also bought two for our to-go coffee mugs. It keeps everything in reach without making everything else on the shelf come clattering off the shelf.

Next up I am looking forward to doing some shopping around for a perfectly organized fridge. Well, not perfect, but better than right now maybe.

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