Isaac’s 3rd Birthday Costume Party

I hate to say it but, I have always been a procrastinator. I am GREAT at planning things out, I’m pretty damn organized and I can typically complete projects. Usually, I just wait until last minute and then I’m stressed as hell. NOT THIS TIME! Isaac loves Halloween. Like, LOVES Halloween, so for his 3rd birthday party we decided to do a costume party.

We sent out invitations to our friends and family with kids his age, and sent in invitations for everyone in his class.

The entire month of October I slowly worked on this party. When I got the chance, I strolled through Dollar Tree or Walmart for décor and gift bag trinkets. Picked out my decorations on Amazon and hit up Hobby Lobby to prepare for my crafts.

We took things slow and let me tell you, I finally won the race!

Saturday morning I woke up around 6 a.m and that was the first time I was truly stressed about this party. I felt like I had so much to do before the 2:00 party, and raced to Walmart to buy my last minute items. In reality, I only had food to prep and a balloon garland to prepare. I was done with party preparations by noon and was even able to hop into a quick shower, and throw on some makeup.

I will no longer be a procrastinator!

I’ll probably still procrastinate but I will try really really hard not to.


Our front living room was setup as the “game room.” We pulled our wingback chairs into the family room and threw extra balloons around the room. The balloons, of course, held the 3 year old’s attentions way longer than the 3 games I made, but whatever they were happy.

I was instantly obsessed with this Hocus Pocus sign I picked up from amazon, it will now be a Halloween decoration every year!

I also picked up a balloon garland kit and hung that from our banister. Originally I planned to setup some kind of cute picture spot, but we figured balloons would be everywhere if it wasn’t out of toddler reach. I’ve been soooo into these since one of my friends made one for my baby sprinkle with Adelaide. I had one for Addie’s 1st birthday and I will probably always have them for parties #notevenashamed They are SUPER easy to do, this one took me about a hour and a half with two little helpers who were not at all helping. GET A BALLOON PUMP if you’re going to do these though, it’s worth the $20 investment. I bought this one from Walmart, my friend has this one from Amazon (it’s nice if you’re going to have two people working on blowing up balloons!)

Of course, for my little Spider man, we threw spiderwebs up all over the place. Webbing covered the piano, the china cabinet, my wine rack and the chandelier. The boy freaking LOVED that touch.

Toddler Friendly Activities

As I said earlier, the balloons were a bigger hit than the little games I made but I’m still really glad I did this.

Instead of just putting together goodie bags for the kids, we made games with prizes.

To start, the kids were able to decorate their own gift bags. My son loves coloring and making a mess, so I thought it was a safe bet that everyone else would too. They did this for about ten minutes and then they were all ready to fill their bags.

First up was my little Ghost Cornhole. I painted a cardboard poster board and ben used a box cutter to cut out the holes for me. Doing this little guy ignited my love for crafting, and I quickly remembered how much glitter makes me happy. I then bought orange ping pong balls and had every intention of drawing jack-o-lantern faces on them but completely forgot. Still cute.

Next, we had Catch a Witch ring toss. Again, this little projects was completed using a poster board, paint, foam cones, ribbon and glitter. For the game, I bought this little game set off of Amazon and we used the orange and green rings. This game went over better than the ghost, I think they were a lot more successful with this one.

Finally, we had Monster Bowling. For this little game I painted red solo cups green and used sharpie to draw the face. The googly eyes were just an awesome touch because when Isaac first saw them he couldn’t stop laughing. For the “bowling ball” I bought these little foam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and the kids had a blast throwing them at the cups. Yes, throwing. There wasn’t even an attempt to roll them.

At each game station I had a little bowl filled with the “prizes” for each kid to grab after their attempt. Most of this came from the dollar store, there was a box of stickers, Halloween pencils, and a monster finger sucker (all from Dollar Tree). Of course, I had a candy bowl as well, but I did my best to hide that until later in the party.

After we had done each game, I looked down at my watch to see that it was only 2:40. My four activities took a grand total of 40 minutes and for half a second I wondered if I had done too much. But then the balloon throwing and running around started, and they all fell into comfortable play as the parents sat around and chatted!

The best part, for me

Honestly, getting to talk to adults and meet some of the other moms from Isaac’s preschool made the WHOLE thing worth it. As one of the first people in my friend group to have kids, it can definitely be a lonely ride. And don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. Even though they don’t have little ones yet, they have been understanding and by my side through all of this. It is really nice to get to meet and talk to other moms every so often, though.

AND now they all have my phone number so I don’t have to figure out how to awkwardly ask for theirs 😂

All-in-all the party was a lot of fun for us, and I think for everyone else as well. The prep made me realize that I really am good at planning and more importantly that I enjoy it. I have a deep love for bringing people together and I definitely want to do it more often!

Next up, I start planning our Christmas Party!

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