How We Decided on a Home Birth With a Midwife

In case you missed it, we are pregnant with our third child! This go around we have decided on doing a homebirth with a midwife instead of the more “traditional” hospital birth. In this blog post I am going to discuss why we started looking into homebirth, how we decided on a homebirth, and what we’ve learned through this process (so far!).

To start, let me just say that this was not an on a whim decision. I have actually been contemplating home birth since the birth of my daughter in April of 2020. Adelaide came so fast, I truly thought I was going to have her in the car. The day we got home I looked at Ben and said, “We might want to do a homebirth if we have more.” What I am saying is that this discussion started, in our house, a good three years ago and has been on my mind since.

Why We Started Looking into Homebirth Options

There are a few factors that go into our “why” of looking into home birthing for us. As I mentioned, Adelaide came so fast. My first contraction started around 6AM and she was here before noon. When I woke up with that first contraction, I woke Ben up to tell him it was baby day. But then I told him to go back to sleep, because we probably had some time. Labor with Isaac, after all, was a grand total of 26 hours! I let Ben sleep for maybe an hour or two, and then told him it was time to jump in the shower. He was in the shower, hadn’t even gotten to washing his hair yet, and I was telling him it was time to go.

Labor with Adelaide went from 0-60 in 3.5, literally. Part of that is probably because we had Isaac and Adelaide so close (they are exactly 18 months apart!) The other half, however, is that she was baby number 2. And honestly, I am a little scared that baby number 3 with come that fast if not faster. Which is totally awesome for me! But also a bit scary because the idea of a car birth terrifies me.

So basically, I landed on “I’d rather it just be planned and prepared to go at home.”

The second reason home birth became a discussion topic between Ben and I has to do with the billing process and insurance. This, obviously, is the least important thing when having a baby but it was such a headache for us with BOTH babies.

Basically it all boils down to this. We are so dang blessed. Ben has a great job and with his great job comes GREAT health insurance. With both kids, the hospital billing messed up BIG time. With Isaac, we paid the birth balance, in full, over the phone. The hospital applied it to the wrong account and we ended up in medical claims. We then got a check back from the hospital eventually, but the stress and headache were awful.

With Isaac, we honestly figured most of it was just us not knowing the whole process of when claims are actually filed. HINT: most prenatal, hospital charges, and post natal stuff is not submitted to insurance until that baby comes.

But then the headache and stress came with Adelaide again. Ben was basically done. His first move was that we needed to leave that hospital system entirely. Then we moved, and our master bathroom has an awesome garden tub, and he said we should just have the next baby in that tub.

Those were the two things that got the conversation started. Annoyances with billing and fear of a car birth.

How We Decided On Home Birth

Over the last three years I have followed a few mama’s who gave birth at home. I watched Leslie Burris give birth on IG Live, and Desirae Barnett is about to have her 2nd (well technically 3rd) home birth this summer. Instagram and YouTube’s home birthing mama’s gave me a bunch of confidence about the idea of a home birth.

When we found out we were pregnant with number 3, I joined a FB group about Cincinnati Home Births and started to look into the midwifes in the area. I also talked to a few mom’s who had homebirths and loved their experience, special shoutout to Allyson! And then I setup a meeting with the most recommended Midwife in the area, Wanita Brooks.

At the meet and greet appointment, I didn’t actually get to meet Wanita because she was at a birth, instead I talked to one of her students. Honestly, in that first appointment I was in. There was more personalization in that one appointment than I ever got at an appointment with my OBGYN. And that’s not saying I don’t like the OBs that I have, I really did like them all! But this was more personal. I even learned things in that one appointment. For instance, there are studies that show protein intake can greatly lower your risk of gestational diabetes. And if you’re often fatigued…try a daily electrolyte drink!

Anyway, I was excited after that first appointment. And I was pretty sure I was going to go the home birth route. But, of course, there were still some doubts.

The final decision came down to this: I have had pretty healthy and easy pregnancies and labors. I am lucky in that. I also went 18 hours unmedicated laboring with Isaac, and went fully unmedicated with Adelaide. Because I am so low risk and have done the unmedicated thing, we decided to go for it. This was further confirmed after our first actual appointment with our midwife, and I felt very assured when we discussed having an emergency plan in place before the birth. And, as a bonus, I know that I have every right to change my mind and move to a birthing center or hospital.

So as of now, after the baby was cleared during the anatomy scan, we are officially having a home birth! I am pretty darn excited about this new adventure and experience we are going on. I have been watching a bunch of Home Birth Vlogs on YouTube that always make me tear up.

We have actually made our first YouTube video where we talk about all of this stuff! The plan is to keep updates going on YouTube, the blog and Instagram so make sure to follow and subscribe if you’re interested!

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