How to Make Your Cheap Christmas Tree Look More Expensive!

Last year we bought our second house and I instantly had big plans for my Christmas decor. I wanted a 12ft tree for our two-story great room and a tree for our formal living room, maybe one in the basement? When we headed to Walmart to pick out the new tree (our first tree, which was around $50, lasted from 2016-2021!) I fully expected to only get the 12ft tree I had been eyeing online. But then we found this flocked 6.5ft pre-lit tree and it was only $60 (It’s now $79!) So we bought it!

🎄 It’s a cheap tree, not one of those gorgeous Kings of Christmas trees I see all over the place. It’s not as full as I would like and wanted to get a more designer look, especially with my front tree. So I perused

4 Tips for Making Your Walmart Tree Look Expensive

  • Start by fluffing the tree as best you can, make the tree branches TAKE UP SPACE
  • Choose a thick garland to start filling in any gaps. I picked this rose gold Tinsel Garland ($6.88)
  • For Ornaments, use different sizes to add dimension and keep the eye moving on the tree. Fill bigger holes with bigger ornaments, and aim to keep smaller ornaments near the top where there is less empty space. I love these shatterproof sets ($19.98 for 50 counts!)
  • Finish off the tree by adding ribbon. I went with a 3.5in Buffalo Plaid ($4.98, 30′)

💡 As a bonus, I fully believe you cannot have enough lights on your tree. Adding more lights to a pre-lit tree is another great way to fill up empty space AND brighten up your room. My mother-in-law is the QUEEN of lights on Christmas trees. I have not added lights to this tree…YET, but I keep looking at it and thinking it needs more. So we will see!

Next up…the 12 footer!

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