Happy Halloween from the Hovey’s!

Happy Halloween! If you are following along, especially on Instagram, you’ll know that our three year old loves Halloween. LOVES HALLOWEEN. This past spring he found the wagon in our basement and his two year old brain remembered “mom, this for Halloween!” So we have basically been counting down to yesterday since.

And then the boy woke up in the middle of the night on October 30 with a blazing fever. (So happy we had a Halloween Costume Party for his birthday!)

Every year we have gone to Ben’s uncles house, he lives in the center of a little side walked village and has the best decorated house. This is his last year doing Halloween, his kids are all grown, so we were so looking forward to it. BUT, we were sick, so instead we stayed home.


There is good news!

Our neighborhood kills it on Halloween!

We were so not prepared on the candy front (I’ll be better next year!) but man oh man was it a fun time. And now it’s my mission to step out of my shell a bit more and make new friends because all kinds of fun was going on.


As I said earlier, this is Isaac’s favorite holiday (so far) and we were not going to just skip it. We got the kids all dressed up, packed our pockets with tissues, and went to a few houses. We either grabbed candy for Isaac or our neighbors put the candy in his little pumpkin so that he wasn’t touching everything and everyone.

Because he is three, it took him until we were done with our street and the two perfectly adjacent streets to get comfortable. He had a blast either way.

Adelaide was one part overwhelmed one part excited and a whole lot of confused. Girl did NOT know what to do or think about all the costumes. We had to stop and stare at each and every one we passed, and give each neighbor her adorable “hi!”

She absolutely refused to wear her little hat for her costume, which I knew was going to happen, but still made the cutest little unicorn out there.

We trick or treated from 6-6:40 just about, and it really only took that long because Adelaide had to stop and stare at everyone. The kids still got a TON of candy, and had a really great time.

To finish up our night, we sat by a fire on the driveway and Isaac helped hand out candy.

This was honestly the best part.

He was so excited about everyone coming to his house. He helped me hand out the candy, while eating his own candy, and said “Happy Halloween!” to each and every kid.

The older kids in our neighborhood were so dang sweet to him to. One teenage boy called Isaac “bro” and Isaac repeated it right back. I was rolling!

Despite the sickness, I think we managed to have a pretty great Halloween. The fact that it is 8 AM and both kids are still asleep proves that to me just a bit more! Now I need to be off and start cleaning up the Halloween stuff to make way for my next set of décor…..


We hope you had an awesome Halloween with your kiddos, family and or friends!

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