Fitness Restart – Jan 2022

Here is something you should know about me: I was an athlete for most of the first 21 years of my life. No joke. I did dance and gymnastics as a tot. Started playing soccer way back in, approximately, 1999. I was a sideline and competitive cheerleader through elementary and junior high. In high school I played water polo, swam and was still a competitive cheerleader. In college I ended up playing D2 water polo my final two years, even though I swore I was done with the sport.

I thrived on my busy schedule and lordy, if I could go back to the first time I thought I was overweight, I’d shake teenager Kayla. I was strong. I could keep up with the best of them in and out of the water, and I could squat nearly 500 lbs at my best. Sure, I didn’t have that Instagram fitness model figure, but I could jump into a triathlon without any nerves.

Throw a desk job, a marriage, and then two kids into your life and the “athlete” in you screams silently for some care.

I packed on pounds quickly after getting married. This was one part desk job, one part eating junk food, and one part zero working out.

I went from eight practices a week to nothing at all. My muscles quickly lost their hold and my body began to ache. I went up and down as I struggled to figure out how to maintain my body with my new lifestyle. But, honestly, didn’t care enough to really stop and think. And that is how I got here…

Its Time for a Change

Over the last five, almost six WOW, years of our marriage I have tried and failed to pull myself into a workout routine. We would go on evening walks for two weeks and then stop. I tried out Orange Theory for a few months and then quit. I had a gym membership sit inactive for almost a year before finally just cancelling it. Nothing stuck.

But this year as we rounded on 2022, something changed. Something clicked. I’m not really sure.

All I know is that when I stepped on the scale right after Christmas and saw that glowing 214 staring back up at me I wanted to starve myself. HOW had I let myself get there?

Both my husband and I packed on the same holiday weight. He couldn’t believe the same number staring up at him as well. So this time, we are in it together. Together we signed up for our neighborhoods biggest loser competition, which is so much fun and I totally recommend doing with your friends/family. We decided together we were going to make smarter decisions with our food, pay attention to how much we were eating, and start working out on a regular basis.

We want to be around for grandkids and its never too late to start.

Tracking Calories

The first thing that is really making a big difference for me is tracking my calories. I have had LoseIt for years and absolutely love the platform (this is not sponsored btw, but it totally should be). I had Ben download it as well and together we have been tracking our calories daily.

For me this is ideal because I don’t want to completely limit myself. If I want Ice Cream at the end of the day, I am able to adjust my food for the day to keep that calorie allowance open. Honestly, it’s not even the calories making the biggest adjustment for me. It’s paying attention to what I eat and how much I eat that is truly making a difference. I am someone that will grab a bag of chips and before I know it the bag is gone. When I pay attention, I put those chips in a bowl and only eat 20 chips instead of an entire family size bag.

Know thyself. That’s all I’m saying.

I think tracking calories is also great for me because it is sustainable. It’s making a lifestyle change, not just a crash “get rid of weight quick” diet. And it is working!

This month I have logged 28 days straight (since starting the Monday after New Years). I also hit 204 this month, currently I am back up to 207 however because we all got sick and we were eating like crap. Whoops!

Tracking calories isn’t it for me though, I need to get these muscles back up and running and to do that I knew I needed to figure out some kind of workout routine. Enter Ben’s amazing research and Aaptiv:

At Home Workouts with Aaptiv

When we moved into the new house this summer, the previous owners left an exercise bike. It’s older and not super cool like those Pelotons, or other cool cycles out there (I have my eye on this one right now). Back in the fall I was getting on the bike twice a week or so. I was really surprised how much that thing made me sweat! Again, I stuck to that for probably two weeks straight, and then here and there until the holidays kicked in.

As 2022 started and my new mindset set in, I wanted to do more. My husband inhouse research expert did some digging and came across this phone app, Aaptiv. On this app we were able to enter what equipment we had at home, including the bikes, and what our goals were. We both got seven day free trials, but after the first workout we completed we were hooked. For $50 a year, we were completely sold.

The workouts reminded me a lot of orange theory, 3 move circuits with an awesome motivational trainer. They have bike classes, yoga classes, outdoor running classes and sooo much more that I haven’t even gotten into yet.

I’m obsessed, can you tell?

If you would like to try Aaptive out you can click here! This is my referall link, you get a 7 day free trial and $10, and I get $10 too.

With this app, Ben and I quickly got competitive with this weight loss summit we are on. On a daily basis we smugly ask each other if we’ve done our workout yet.

At first, these workouts KICKED my butt. My body quickly got used to it though and I felt so damn blessed that I hadn’t completely lost all of my muscle memory. Even my flexibility bounced back way quicker than I expected!

My streak of working out DAILY lasted 8 days. I took one day off and then went right back the next day. And then…we all got sick. I am just getting back into the groove of things now that we are all healthy again, and man, you lose it quick! Hopefully I get the strength back just as quick as last time because that first workout back had me panting.

My Personal Goals

I was talking to my friend the other day, she is also on a weight loss journey right alongside me, and I told her that this time feels different. Over the years I have said “I’m getting back in shape” too many times to count and never followed through, but this time is different.

I don’t know if it’s a mindset thing, or if its because Ben and I are doing it together. But it is different in the best way.

I am committed to weight loss and I am finally seeing results. Of course, I wish these results were coming faster but I keep reminding myself slow and steady. This isn’t a sprint it is a marathon, and one that I want to take slowly so that the effects last!

As for our goals, I have set myself into two separate stages. This first stage goal is to get down to 180 lbs, a grand total of 34lbs from back in December.

Overall, I would like to be down somewhere in the 150-160 range I believe.

But I am taking it slow and I want to crush a goal. As I said earlier, this is about knowing yourself. As I see myself getting closer to 180 I feel more energized about this whole process. I think breaking this down into two sections is best for my own mindset because I have 30 lbs to loose now instead of 50-60.

Right now I am on pace to hit goal #1 by mid april of this year. From there, we will see how it keeps going.

The other day Ben said, “this summer no ones going to know what hit them when we get to the pool.” And doesn’t that just sum it up perfectly?

As I go through this process I am going to be posting here as a sort of self-reflection journal. I hope that I can give someone out there some inspiration, motivation and encouragement. It’s not easy and there are a million excuses not to do it. But our health, our bodies, are so damn important. Let’s treat them as such!

🌿 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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