Creating My First Vision Board for 2023

Okay, I am a sucker for the beginning of the year. Logically I know that there is nothing truly special, and I have grown to hate new years resolutions. Resolutions are things to fail at, historically. But towards the end of 2022 I discovered Jules Acree and the productive yet peaceful side of YouTube. I fell in love. So this year we are going to try something new.

I always have a million ideas swirling around my head. I want to focus on seventeen things at once but we all know, that’s not really possible.

So when I came across this video about creating a vision board, I figured I would give it a shot!

I started by sitting down and answering the questions posed in this video, and then went through The Wheel of Life. I wrote down 2-3 “goals” for each of the 8 categories. This included things like our goal to be (consumer) debt free, walking my dog at least once a week, read 4 personal development books, get together with friends at least once a quarter, and date nights every other month. To name a few.

From there, I got working on my vision board using Canva and Pinterest. On Pinterest I searched keywords like date night, bible, kitchen, workout, and healthy eating. I then added “aesthetic” to the end of each word or phrase to search for pictures for my board. I finished it off with adding plain white boxes, adding a little text and Voilà!

I put this as my desktop screen saver for now and its a great reminder of what I want out of this year!

Realigning my Priorities

At the end of 2022 I started going through something, for lack of a better term. There was a shift in my mindset, in how I prioritized things and people. I have not been able to pinpoint the fuse, but I am definitely bringing this new mindset into 2023.

The biggest thing is figuring out what and who I want to spend my energy on. I have always been someone who wants to be a friend of the world. I want anyone and everyone to know that they can come to me for a shoulder, an ear, and some sage advice. Then I realized that I don’t actually have the energy for it. When I spend energy on things or people that don’t fill me back up, I don’t have energy for the things that really matter. Namely my family. My kids and my husband loose out.

I really think that this realignment is why the vision board caught my attention so quickly. I don’t want to loose sight of this work I have done for myself, and I think that coming back to this will help throughout this year.

Because, let’s be honest, this year will not be much different than the the rest. There will be some amazing highs, some soul crushing lows, and everything in between. All I want for myself, and my family, is to have growth between it all. I do not want to take two steps forward, one step back. I want to continue on this path and see where we end up on January 1, 2024!

So here is to 2023 and the goals we’ve set! I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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