I’m Kayla!

When I was sixteen I had a whole plan of leaving Cincinnati and never looking back. I wanted to be a writer and couldn’t decide if New York or LA would become my home. I had big dreams but no plan of attack. Through college, I bounced around a lot. I was so unsure of what I wanted out of life. My major flipped between English, Marketing, and teaching more than once. And then one night I got a text from my best friend asking how many kids I would have.

And that is how I ended up back here in Cincinnati with a husband who drives me crazy but I love to death, two toddlers, and a house that seems to never be clean no matter how often I clean.

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have a total of 10 younger siblings
  • I was born in New York, but raised here in Cincinnati
  • My first words to my husband were “Hello future husband.” I was totally joking at the time but…jokes on me
  • I wrote (and completed) fan fiction back in 2013-2015
  • I put ketchup on my mac and cheese
  • I am a serial hobbyist. My running list includes baking, photography, painting, knitting, the cricuit, and I’m sure there are more to come!

Come hang out, I’m so dang glad you’re here!

My Favs

Fav Coffee

Teddy Bear

Fav TV Show

Grey’s Anatomy

Fav Biz to support

Alexis Nickelle Co.

Fav HOliday


In 2017 Ben and I bought our first house. An adorable cape cod that hadn’t been loved in a long time. So much work needed to be done, but we saw the potential in that house. We tackled project after project, saving tens of thousands of dollars by doing the work ourselves. We made a few mistakes, learned a lot, and enjoyed seeing our visions come to life. After four years we sold that house, turning a major profit that allowed us to move into house number 2!

Tag along as we make our way through each room of this house. Hopefully we can make this cookie-cutter suburban home a little more custom!