Baby Registry from a Soon to Be Mom of 3!

During my first pregnancy I made a registry (obviously). That registry had EVERYTHING on it and I do mean everything. I will say, I used everything I got from my registry but most of the things were overkill. There are also some things I wish I had thought of for down the line, like a modular stroller that could grow with us. So, now that we are pregnant with number 3 I am going to share what my registry would look like now that we’ve been through it twice!

Baby Registry Checklist from a Mom of 3

If you google Baby Registry Checklist there are probably a million articles that will come up. Babylist has the ultimate registry that includes everything you could ever use for your newborn-toddler. But, you don’t need all of that and probably won’t use all of it for more than 3 months. If you register on Amazon, that’s where I registered, they also have a checklist built into their registry system.

There are so many things on these lists that are going to be unneeded within a few months and end up taking up room in your storage. So I am going to cut this down for you into things you will DEFINITELY use and what we loved and will be buying again this time around!

Baby Registry Checklist

  • Stroller – This is where I made the first mistake, I didn’t look ahead. It is pricey but if I were a first time mom I would be registering for the Uppababy Vista V2. That way the stroller can grow with our family (more on this later!)
  • Car seat – You need a car seat, obviously, and this is where I would say go check out the Babylist recommendations. They sum up the best car seats so well, and you can pick what matters most to you. I loved my Britax B-Safe, fair warning that sucker is heavy. This time around I am between the Britax and the Chicco Keyfit 35.
  • Swing or Bouncer – I had both the first time around but the reality? You need one. Each kiddo is different but I will say that both times I used the bouncer more than the swing. We ended up getting rid of the swing before Adelaide was two months old. Another option is a swing/rocker combo.
  • Activity Mat – I think this is the bigger item than both the swing and the bouncer because of the longevity. Both the swing and the bouncer will only be used for a couple of months. The activity mat can and will be used until your newborn can crawl!
  • High Chair – You will need this eventually, but not until 4 months+. I had both a chair mounted one and this self standing one (Which I loved and held onto!). Both are great, totally depends on YOU and the space you have!
  • Nursing Pillow – I have breastfed both babies so this was a must for me. I even used it when the kids switched to half bottle feeding so I recommend it to everyone!
  • Burp Cloths – get a hundred. I recommend this ‘type’ of burp cloth because it is thick!
  • Bottles – you will need bottles at some point but this one is up to you to research and try out what works best for your baby. My favorites were Dr. Browns and Philips Avent.
  • Bottle Cleaning Stuff – I love the Boon grass drying rack, its one of the few things I didn’t get rid of. And this Oxo bottle brush is the BEST
  • Nursery Furniture – This is all up to your style but here’s the rundown. Crib, dresser with a top changing pad*, rocker/glider** (you’re going to sit on this a lot so go try a few out and see what you’re going to be comfortable in!)
  • Baby Monitor – We had this video monitor but the batter life sucked within a few months. I recommend these video monitors now, and we still have this audio monitor.
  • DIAPER FUND – skip registering for actual diapers, instead ask family/friends to donate to the diaper fund. I had so many boxes of Newborn and size 1 diapers left over. This time around we are just asking for donations to the diaper fund. This will then help to cover diapers and wipes as we go!
  • Clothes – just like the diapers, don’t register for any specifics with clothes. Your family is going to get clothes no matter what. You will probably be overwhelmed with newborn up through 3-6 months. If I were going to register in any way for clothes, I would assign sizes to last names or something along those lines.

Some Notes on the above:

Don’t cheap out on the crib mattress. This is where I would spend money. We had both of our kids sleeping through the night by 10 weeks and I attribute half of that to our almost $400 mattress.

Rocker/Glider: I got this rocker and wish I would have gotten one more like this.

Changing pad: get PLENTY of changing pad covers. Like, at minimum 3! Preferably 5.

On that note, get at least 2 crib mattress protectors and 4 sheet sets.

Lifestyle Dependent Items

These items I recommend depending on your lifestyle. For instance, we travel to see my parents and up to our family farm a lot. So we have kept the pack and play on hand since Isaac!

  • Pack and Play – I would recommend this to anyone who is going to have baby sleeping somewhere other than home. A babysitters, in-laws, or traveling. This was a must have for us, but it might not be for you!
  • Activity Bouncer – Isaac sat in one of these once, Addie was in it all the time. Again, I would say this depends on space and kid.
  • Baby Carrier – I have a Moby Wrap and didn’t use this much with Isaac but I used it every single day with Addie and plan to with number 3! I have also heard great things about sling options!
  • Boppy Lounger – I was obsessed with this thing. Was it needed? No, but I loved it.
  • Bumbo Seat – this was my most used item with each of my kids so far. I used it from the time they could support their own head until they could no longer fit their chunky legs (about 9 months old!)
  • Diaper Pail – Ben hated this thing but it’s a need for me just for simplicity! It is also just as easy to keep target/grocery plastic bags on the changing table and take out nightly. You’re going to go through a lot of diapers…just keep that in mind. Last time around we had the Diaper Genie, this time we are going with the Ubbi Steel one.
  • Diaper Bag – In all honesty, you will want a good diaper bag but this it totally up to what is going to work best for you. I love a backpack option more than anything else, but I also have this smaller one. And if you are a car ride travel family, i 100% recommend this portable changing pad for quick and easy changes on the road!
  • Sound Machine – Not needed but we LOVE the Hatch Rest+, we ended up getting a second one for Addie’s room and will be getting a 3rd for the nursery.
  • Nose Frida – I swear by this thing. SWEAR by it.
  • Stroller Parent Console – I loved this simple skip hop one!
  • Wagon – Since we have two toddlers still and are only having two more babies, we are going for a wagon now instead of upgrading the stroller we have now. We are going with the Wonderfold W4

I hope this has helped any brand new to be moms out with all of the registry STUFF. Like I said, there are so many checklists out there that make you feel like you need every item on the market. And that it just not the case. As you make your registry, I really recommend taking a look at the space you have and cutting items here and there. And remember, your family is going to buy clothes toys and books. You really don’t need to “register” for those items. BUT, I do recommend doing a baby book baby shower instead of cards!

Next up we are going to talk about strollers, because that is a topic I have been researching for MONTHS. Stay tuned!

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