And Just Like That We’re Back to School

It is 9:30 on a Tuesday night. My right hand pointer finger is throbbing, specifically just under the nail. I’ve just finished setting up my felt letter board for tomorrow morning. Isaac is headed back to school.

The backpack is ready with his folder and binder, an extra bag with classroom supplies already in the car so that I have little chance of forgetting these items. This time around I have very different feelings than last year. I am so excited about the kiddos going back to school. No, I’m not in the glory years of all day school just yet but these nine hours a week are about to be glorious. Plus I have the added bonus of Adelaide going to a two year old program one day a week.

Like I said…glorious!

Back to school already. Dang. The summer did fly, I’ll say that, and we really worked to make the most of it. We spent so many days at Kings Island; spent a few days by the river; vacationed at Norris Lake and visited family in New York. When we weren’t running around or traveling, we were by the pool. Isaac is floatie free and Adelaide desperately wants to be (too bad she is currently drowning with a smile when we do our ten minute practice sessions!)

We had a lot of fun over the last few months. For a few reason, I am sad that this summer is coming to a close. It feels like there is still so much we missed out on (don’t worry, I’ve already started our bucket list for next summer!) but I am confident that we made some memories for the kiddos.

Now that we are getting back to having some kind of schedule, I am hoping to get back on the blog more. We have done a TON of work in the house that I need to catch up on, and there are still so many more things to come! Including some seasonal arts & crafts ideas, things to do this fall, and travel tips from our vacations! So stay tuned, I would appreciate it so so so much!

Now, I am going to go curl up with some ice cream and watch our current binge watching obsession, Discovery of Witches!

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