Adelaide’s Unicorn Themed 3rd Birthday Party

This month Adelaide turned 3! We have been “counting down” to her third birthday party since Isaac’s 4th birthday back in October and it finally came. She was adamant since October, a unicorn birthday party! And we did it! We invited all of her friends from her 2 year old preschool class, a few neighborhood friends and some of our family with young kids and overall, it was a blast. The party ended and Ben and I both agree: best birthday party yet.

A large win was that I actually got invitations out on time, about a month in advance instead of 2 weeks. Another part of that is that the moms in Addie’s class are a lot more…friendly than those in Isaac’s class so we all know each other at least a little. But the biggest improvement is that there was no stress leading up to the party!

With Isaac’s party I made all the themed snacks and cupcakes. Which, honestly, I absolutely loved doing, but it took up a lot of time. This time around, we ordered a cupcake cake from Kroger (for only $22!) and pizza’s from Sam’s Club’s café for only $8.98 a pie. Will ALWAYS be using these two venues from here on out.

On Thursday, 2 days before the party, Ben helped me tackle the cleaning to-do list and the kids helped by picking up toys daily. The day of the party was close to zero stress and both Ben and I were able to enjoy the party, chat with the adult guests while the kids played together.

The one “hiccup” came the night before. The four of us went on a little after dinner walk to our neighborhood park. I was sitting on the bench watching the kids play when I realized I had never ordered any decorations for the party. I quickly looked at decorations at Walmart, Meijer and Target and was super disappointed in the lack of selection for a unicorn themed party. I ended up just ordering balloons, pink and purple plates from Party City for pickup Saturday morning at 11.

The order was DONE by 8 am and I headed out there that morning. I was really excited to see the huge selection of Unicorn birthday décor in store, and ended up spending a total of $83 at Party City. Which was so worth it because Addie lost her mind at all the little things I got, and I was able to save everything for next year! Well, except the balloons obviously.

Here’s a few pictures of our decor:

Addie’s highlight: everyone gathering around to sing happy birthday to her (oh…and presents of course)

My Highlight: easy easy setup AND clean up.

Tips for Toddler Birthday Parties

Moral of the story: don’t stress yourself out for a kids birthday party. We have thrown 3 toddler birthday parties so far and here is what I have learned.

  • Preschool aged kids aren’t going to play many games, they just want to play with the different toys in your house.
  • Check your local grocery store’s bakery for cupcakes/cakes, they’re way cheaper than you are thinking
  • The easier the food setup, the better. Grab some frozen pretzel bites, chips and salsa, and a cooler with soda and juice boxes
  • Encourage parents to let their kids play and sit down and hang out together. A lot of kids are going to want mommy close by, but let them know that they can make a mess. It will let parents enjoy themselves a little bit more.
  • Cupcake cakes are CUTE, but you need to carve our each cupcake when serving. The icing comes right off

Now we are moving into summer mode over here, and I’ve already set the date for Isaac’s 5th party so that I get those invited out on time!

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