3 Valentines Crafts to do with Your Toddler

Keeping toddlers busy AND entertained is no easy feet. I am constantly racking my brain for different activities to do with them. Keeping them busy keeps the tantrums at bay, and helps them to keep their hands to themselves. It also, somehow, makes their solo play time last LONGER and I will swear by this up and down.

Now that they are older, I am really trying to add some more structure to our week and a big way I have decided I can accomplish this is by planning a craft day once a week! Since Valentines day is coming up, I decided to throw together a few easy Valentines Day crafts for us to do together. Today I am sharing these three ideas and the best news is that you probably have some of these supplies sitting around the house!

Hand Print Hearts

There is nothing kids like more than making a nice mess. And as we all know, getting to feel and play with different textures is always a winner. This little craft is so so so easy, but it can definitely be messy so plan accordingly.



This is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You’re going to get your paper plates ready, put them upside down, and then paint your tot’s left hand with one color and press. Grab a second color, paint their right hand, and layer this handprint on top of the first one to create a heart shape.

Of course, the hand print hearts only took three minutes which is so not long enough of an activity. So I gave the kids each another plate and a little drop of paint. They sat for about fifteen minutes with me and did little fingerprint paintings.

By the time they were done with that extra project, the handprints had dried. I wrote out “I LUV U” and “BE MINE” with glue and let them sprinkle the glitter to add a little something. This was Adelaide’s favorite part. She kept squealing with delight, “oooo pretty parkle!!!”

*GLITTER TIP: get a small bowl and put a tiny amount of glitter in it for the kids to pinch to sprinkle. Then use a second paper plate, placed under the portion you’re adding glitter to, to catch the fly-aways.

You can hang these or lean them on your counter for your little one to admire for the next week!

Tissue Paper Flowers

Okay so this one I set out with too much ambition. At first I thought it would be really fun to make tissue paper and pipe cleaner bouquets….my kids are not at that stage yet. So we took a few steps backwards.


Instead I grabbed my tissue paper and a few pieces of craft paper. I grabbed a Sharpie and drew a heart on the pink sheet, and a tulip on the yellow one.

Both kiddos are obsessed with scissors, of course, so each one had a pair of safety scissors and a pile of tissue paper to cut up. Destruction is their favorite activity so they could have done this part for HOURS, I actually had to cut them off at one point.

Next up, we played with the glue stick. Isaac did a pretty good job, he glued two pieces of tissue paper on his before he was bored and went back to cutting up tissue paper. Adelaide did NOT like gluing her tissue paper scraps onto the sheet. She liked to glue the sheet, put tissue paper on, and then rip it off. Toddlers.

To add some more time onto this little craft, I gave Isaac the foam heart stickers I had bought at Dollar Tree. Instantly I wished I had bought more Valentines themed stickers, this part was a HIT.

Long story short, this is a fun activity and it keeps them occupied. The finished product of this craft is not AT ALL what was expected. The star here was absolutely destroying two sheets of tissue paper, and throwing stickers on a page. Now we know!

String Hearts

I actually got this idea from this toy my sister-in-law has for her kids! I was over at her house and I thought it was such a simple idea and all of the kids LOVED it. From the 2 year old to the 6 year old, they all had fun. So I decided to make a similar DIY craft for my kids to play with.



  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Painters Tape
  • Craft Paint (pink, red, white)
  • Pencil
  • String, ribbon, yarn, whichever you fancy!
  • Hot Glue Gun

I grabbed a random box we had laying around ( you know you have an amazon box somewhere) and cut a few hearts of different sizes, and two “tulips.”

Then I used a pen to stab holes all over each shape in different “patterns.” One of them I just did a boarder of holes, another one I did it all over the place, and on one I did a target heart. When that was finished, Isaac and I got to paint them! He had a lot of fun painting with me, another great opportunity for some one-on-one time with him while Adelaide napped.

All that is left at that point is to just cut some string/ribbon/yarn/etc. I found this pink twine on amazon, there is cheap yarn and ribbon at Walmart. I used my hot glue gun and made hard “tips” like on shoe strings so that they wouldn’t fray as easy. Isaac had a good amount of fun with these once he got the hang of it, he’s a focused little boy. Addie REALLY wanted to do it but was having a hard time. I think this one is definitely one for preschool and up!

As I said, three SIMPLE Valentines Day crafts that can keep the kiddos busy. My three year old and 21 month old were able to do both and had a ton of fun doing them! If you’re going to do any, I highly recommend the string hearts because these can be used again and again as busy work when you need a few minutes!

Let me know in the comments if you tackle one of these tot crafts! And stay tuned as I figure out a few ideas for St. Patricks day!

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