3 Tips for Packing + Moving – With Bearded Brothers

The other day Ben and I were laying in bed discussing the mad rush of moving ourselves. We were basically applauding our hard work and laughing about it. I truly don’t think we sat down for a month, at least.

After a fit of laughter, and a long sigh, Ben said, “Next time we’re hiring a moving company.” *que round of applause*

Don’t get me wrong, we did a kick butt job and I wouldn’t change a thing. But there were a lot of days of frustration, and the days just continued to add up. I did, however, learn a lot from the experience. Today I’m going to share my “looking back now” tips based on this last experience. If you are getting ready to start the moving process, as the hot season kicks off, I’m going to encourage you to read on. Maybe even save this post for later. 

Hiring a Moving Company

If you are in a position where you can hire a moving company, here is my tip for you. BOOK IT EARLY. Ben and I did discuss hiring a moving company, one week before closing on the new house. By then we knew it was too late, but we filed Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC for next time. 

Make these plans well in advance. I would honestly recommend calling within a week of going under contract. This gives you plenty of time to schedule your moving day and plan out that week (moving week is hectic!). And if you are in need of long distance movers near Youngstown, Ohio, I’d probably say to start getting things in order the day you have an accepted offer! 

The truth is with moving, the earlier you can get things started, the better. There are so many little things to line up; so many odds and ends to tie up that you want to get a jump start on this piece as soon as you possibly can. It’s going to save you a headache later, especially if you can discuss full service moving!

If you, like us, aren’t in a place where you’re ready to hire a moving company, stay tuned because these next three tips are for you.  

Use What You Have

Look, I love gorgeous storage solutions just as much as the next girl but we don’t all have cash laying around to spend on pretty pink storage bins. Before you even start packing you have to take some kind of inventory of what you have to pack with. Do you have bins laying around half full? We did. Would you be okay shoving winter snow gear into black contractor bags? We were!

When it comes to saving money during this huge transition, using what you have is key. For us this meant using contractor bags, old storage bins that were half full of crap we could donate, and the amazon boxes that always seem to be on hand.

From there, don’t just run to Walmart. I have another money saving trick up my sleeve!

Check Facebook Groups

Listen, we just sprang forward and those warmer temperatures are creeping in. The real estate market is going to be gaining momentum as school years come to a close. This means that more people will be moving. Which translates to a lot of people with moving boxes looking to quickly get those boxes out of their new house. 

Before running to the store to buy brand new moving boxes, check your local facebook groups. I was able to pick up boxes from another local mom who had just moved and had enough to pack EVERYTHING in my house. Don’t overlook this, those boxes might as well get a second use!

Take Your Time

When we started seriously looking at houses, probably a month before our offer was accepted, I started the process of packing up our house. I knew it was going to stress me out (spoiler alert it still did) so I wanted to do a little bit each day.

Since it was June I started with all of our winter gear, winter clothes, holiday decor, etc. From there I moved onto excess items we didn’t need, think extra soaps and candles.

If you put a little bit of thought into what you can pack, slowly, things are going to go a lot smoother.

Honestly, I did a really good job of this with everything in the house. Ben, on the other hand, was not able to get ahead on this with all of his tools or office stuff since he was using it all up until we moved. In this instance, I don’t have a clue what would have made things easier. That’s a lie, having some kind of organization in place for the tools already would have helped. But that is a conversation for another day.

Anyway. Seriously, take your time. Start early and pack as you go. If you do a little bit each day, it’s way less overwhelming.

Purge As You Go

Ask any organization expert, the first thing you are supposed to do is get everything out of a space. Well guess what, when you’re moving you are already doing this! So make sure you are taking the time to go through your things. It will save you time and space if you go through things as you pack.

What needs to be trashed? I’m looking at your Bath and Body Works creams that have been accumulating for the last four years!

What can be donated? Are you holding onto a pre-baby miniskirt you haven’t fit into for three years?

You get the idea 🙂

Pack a Weekender Bag

And for my final tip, pack a weekender bag. Actually, I packed a suitcase that held all the necessities for a whole week. I ended up using this for four days. The week of our move we spent every waking minute either painting, giving our kids food or attention, or moving crap into the new house. It was really nice not having to rush with the bedroom furniture or unpacking boxes/bags of clothes.

And as a final thought, give yourself some patience through this process. Moving is stressful. You balance between i need to get it all done and i’m exhausted for a few weeks at the very least. It will all get done and moved to the new space in good time, use the people and resources making themselves available to you. Especially if you have kids, it does take a village! 

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