15 Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

Christmas Season is my absolute favorite time of year. I love having my tree up as early as possible. Last year I told Ben I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, as a little challenge to myself, and the next day I was pulling out all of the other decorations. A week later the tree was up. I tried though, right?

Christmas time is just special. There is a feeling in the atmosphere that can’t be matched. It’s cold, lights shine, and everyone is focused on spending time with their loved ones.

As a kid, I always loved Christmas time. There wasn’t anything super special that we did, but I have such fond memories of many Christmases throughout the years. I hope that I can create that same kind of magic for my kids, while still bringing the focus of this season back to Jesus’s birth. Which is definitely going to be easier said then done.

I hope that I can find a balance of the truth and love of Jesus, and the magic of Santa.

This year Isaac is 4 and Adelaide is 2.5. This is the year our family traditions can really begin and start to stick. So far, we have a few ideas that we have discussed implementing into our holiday season and I wanted to share with you!

So, here are 15 Christmas Traditions we are hoping to begin this holiday season:

15 Christmas Season Ideas

  1. Family PJs!
  2. Festival of Lights Show
  3. Volunteering Together
  4. Christmas Eve Church Service
  5. Christmas Party
  6. Listing Out What We’re Grateful For This Year
  7. Baking Cookies from Scratch and Decorating
  8. Christmas Craft Party
  9. Christmas Classic Movie Nights
  10. Making Christmas Cards for Local Nursing Home
  11. Nutcracker Ballet
  12. Taking Turns Visiting/Hosting Extended Family
  13. Ice Skating/Sledding/Tubing
  14. Shopping for Christmas Tree Drive at Church OR Donating Old Toys to Shelters/Group Homes/Foster Families
  15. Taking the season slow and enjoying time as a family

This year we want to really take things slow. Soak in this time with our toddlers and start showing them the magic of the season from all things Santa to the miracle of Jesus’ birth!

Look back, and drop your favorite Christmas memories in the comments!

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